Men's Hockey World Cup 2018 Match Schedule

 FIH Men's Hockey World Cup

India will host the 2018 FIH Men's Hockey World Cup at Bhubaneswar from November 28 to December 16. Sixteen top hockey nations will participate in the 19-day tournament to be played in the Odisha capital.

The 16 teams were drawn into four groups, each containing four teams. Each team plays each other team in its group once. The first-placed team in each group advances to the quarter-finals, while the second- and third-placed teams in each group go into the crossover matches. From there on a single-elimination tournament will be played.

Participating Teams:

Pool APool B
New ZealandEngland
Pool CPool D
South AfricaPakistan

Full Match Schedule:

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Match NoDateGroupTeam 1Team 2Local Time
128-Nov-18Pool CBEL CAN17:00
228-Nov-18Pool CIND RSA19:00
329-Nov-18Pool AARG ESP17:00
429-Nov-18Pool ANZL FRA19:00
530-Nov-18Pool BAUS IRL17:00
630-Nov-18Pool BENG CHN19:00
71-Dec-18Pool DNED MAS17:00
81-Dec-18Pool DGER PAK19:00
92-Dec-18Pool CCAN RSA17:00
102-Dec-18Pool CIND BEL19:00
113-Dec-18Pool AESP FRA17:00
123-Dec-18Pool ANZL ARG19:00
134-Dec-18Pool BENG AUS17:00
144-Dec-18Pool BIRL CHN19:00
155-Dec-18Pool DGER NED17:00
165-Dec-18Pool DMAS PAK19:00
176-Dec-18Pool AESP NZL17:00
186-Dec-18Pool AARG FRA19:00
197-Dec-18Pool BAUS CHN17:00
207-Dec-18Pool BIRL ENG19:00
218-Dec-18Pool CBEL RSA17:00
228-Dec-18Pool CCAN IND19:00
239-Dec-18Pool DMAS GER17:00
249-Dec-18Pool DNED PAK19:00
2510-Dec-18Cross-over2nd Pool A 3rd Pool B16:45
2610-Dec-18Cross-over2nd Pool B 3rd Pool A19:00
2711-Dec-18Cross-over2nd Pool C 3rd Pool D16:45
2811-Dec-18Cross-over2nd Pool D 3rd Pool C19:00
2912-Dec-18QF1st Pool A Winner 2616:45
3012-Dec-18QF1st Pool B Winner 2519:00
3113-Dec-18QF1st Pool C Winner 2816:45
3213-Dec-18QF1st Pool D Winner 2719:00
3315-Dec-18SF 1Winner 29 Winner 3216:00
3415-Dec-18SF 2Winner 30 Winner 3118:30
3516-Dec-18Bronze MedalLoser 33 Loser 3416:30
3616-Dec-18Gold MedalWinner 33 Winner 3419:00

Previous World Cups Winners:
Pakistan1971, 1978, 1981, 1994
Australia1986, 2010, 2014
Netherlands1973, 1990, 1998
Germany2002, 2006

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