England Medal Winners In Commonwealth Games 2018

Total number of Participation: 397
Number of Men’s Participation: 196
Number of Women’s Participation: 201
Number of Events: 23

England’s Medal Tally

Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018, England was ranked in second position on the medal table. Overall England has won 136 Medals – 45 gold, 45 silver and 46 bronze.
Artistic Gymnastics67316
Cycling Track3249
Table Tennis2226
Cycling Mountain Bike1102
Para Powerlifting0123
Cycling Road0112
Lawn Bowls0033
Rugby Sevens0022

Gold Medal Winners By Sport

Number of Men’s Gold Medal: 24
Number of Women’s Gold Medal: 18
Number of Mixed Gold Medal: 3
1Nile WilsonMen's Horizontal BarArtistic Gymnastics
2Nile WilsonMen's Individual All-AroundArtistic Gymnastics
3Courtney TullochMen's RingsArtistic Gymnastics
4England TeamMen's TeamArtistic Gymnastics
5Alice KinsellaWomen's Balance BeamArtistic Gymnastics
6Georgia-Mae FentonWomen's Uneven BarsArtistic Gymnastics
7England TeamMen's 4 x 100m RelayAthletics
8Nick MillerMen's Hammer ThrowAthletics
9England TeamWomen's 4 x 100m RelayAthletics
10Katarina Johnson-ThompsonWomen's HeptathlonAthletics
11Sophie HahnWomen's T38 100mAthletics
12Ellis Marcus/Langridge ChrisMen's DoublesBadminton
13Adcock Gabrielle/Adcock ChrisMixed DoublesBadminton
14Frazer ClarkeMen's +91kgBoxing
15Galal YafaiMen's 46-49kgBoxing
16Peter McgrailMen's 56kgBoxing
17Pat MccormackMen's 69kgBoxing
18Lisa WhitesideWomen's 51kgBoxing
19Sandy RyanWomen's 69kgBoxing
20Annie LastWomen's Cross-countryCycling Mountain Bike
21Charlie TanfieldMen's 4000m Individual PursuitCycling Track
22Sophie ThornhillWomen's B&VI 1000m TTCycling Track
23Sophie ThornhillWomen's B&VI SprintCycling Track
24Jack LaugherMen's 1m SpringboardDiving
25Jack LaugherMen's 3m SpringboardDiving
26England TeamMen's Synchronised 10m PlatformDiving
27England TeamMen's Synchronised 3m SpringboardDiving
28England TeamWomen's NetballNetball
29David LuckmanQueen's Prize IndividualShooting
30England TeamQueen's Prize PairsShooting
31James WillstropMen's SinglesSquash
32Adam PeatyMen's 100m BreaststrokeSwimming
33James WilbyMen's 200m BreaststrokeSwimming
34Benjamin ProudMen's 50m FreestyleSwimming
35Thomas HamerMen's S14 200m FreestyleSwimming
36Siobhan Marie O'ConnorWomen's 200m Individual MedleySwimming
37Aimee WillmottWomen's 400m Individual MedleySwimming
38Sarah VaseyWomen's 50m BreaststrokeSwimming
39Eleanor RobinsonWomen's S7 50m ButterflySwimming
40Alice TaiWomen's S9 100m BackstrokeSwimming
41Drinkhall Paul/Pitchford LiamMen's DoublesTable Tennis
42Ross WilsonMen's TT6-10 SinglesTable Tennis
43Joseph TownsendMen's PTWCTriathlon
44Jade JonesWomen's PTWCTriathlon
45Emily GodleyWomen's 75kgWeightlifting

Silver Medal Winners By Sport

Number of Men’s Silver Medal: 26
Number of Women’s Silver Medal: 16
Number of Mixed Silver Medal: 3
1James HallMen's Horizontal BarArtistic Gymnastics
2James HallMen's Individual All-AroundArtistic Gymnastics
3Nile WilsonMen's Parallel BarsArtistic Gymnastics
4Max WhitlockMen's Pommel HorseArtistic Gymnastics
5Nile WilsonMen's RingsArtistic Gymnastics
6Courtney TullochMen's VaultArtistic Gymnastics
7England TeamWomen's TeamArtistic Gymnastics
8Tom BosworthMen's 20km Race WalkAthletics
9Kyle LangfordMen's 800mAthletics
10James ArnottMen's T47 100mAthletics
11John SmithMen's T54 MarathonAthletics
12Morgan LakeWomen's High JumpAthletics
13Ellis Marcus/Smith LaurenMixed DoublesBadminton
14Smith Lauren/Walker SarahWomen's DoublesBadminton
15England TeamWomen's BasketballBasketball
16Paige MurneyWomen's 60kgBoxing
17Evie RichardsWomen's Cross-countryCycling Mountain Bike
18Harry TanfieldMen's Individual Time TrialCycling Road
19England TeamMen's 4000m Team PursuitCycling Track
20England TeamMen's Team SprintCycling Track
21Matthew DixonMen's 10m PlatformDiving
22England TeamMen's Synchronised 10m PlatformDiving
23England TeamWomen's Synchronised 3m SpringboardDiving
24Louise SugdenWomen's HeavyweightPara Powerlifting
25Aaron HeadingMen's TrapShooting
26Amber HillWomen's SkeetShooting
27Selby Daryl/Waller AdrianMen's DoublesSquash
28Sarah-Jane PerryWomen's SinglesSquash
29James WilbyMen's 100m BreaststrokeSwimming
30James GuyMen's 100m ButterflySwimming
31England TeamMen's 4 x 100m Freestyle RelaySwimming
32England TeamMen's 4 x 100m Medley RelaySwimming
33England TeamMen's 4 x 200m Freestyle RelaySwimming
34Adam PeatyMen's 50m BreaststrokeSwimming
35Lewis WhiteMen's S9 100m FreestyleSwimming
36Molly RenshawWomen's 200m BreaststrokeSwimming
37Holly HibbottWomen's 400m FreestyleSwimming
38Alice TaiWomen's S9 100m FreestyleSwimming
39Kim DaybellMen's TT6-10 SinglesTable Tennis
40Pitchford Liam/Ho Tin-TinMixed DoublesTable Tennis
41England TeamMixed Team RelayTriathlon
42Jessica LearmonthWomen's TriathlonTriathlon
43Jack OliverMen's 77kgWeightlifting
44Zoe SmithWomen's 63kgWeightlifting
45Sarah DaviesWomen's 69kgWeightlifting

Bronze Medal Winners By Sport

Number of Men’s Bronze Medal: 23
Number of Women’s Bronze Medal: 21
Number of Mixed Bronze Medal: 2
1Dominick CunninghamMen's VaultArtistic Gymnastics
2Kelly SimmWomen's Balance BeamArtistic Gymnastics
3Alice KinsellaWomen's Individual All-AroundArtistic Gymnastics
4Luke CuttsMen's Pole VaultAthletics
5Simon LawsonMen's T54 MarathonAthletics
6Dina Asher-SmithWomen's 200mAthletics
7Laura WeightmanWomen's 5000mAthletics
8Niamh EmersonWomen's HeptathlonAthletics
9Shara ProctorWomen's Long JumpAthletics
10Jade JonesWomen's T54 MarathonAthletics
11Rajiv OusephMen's SinglesBadminton
12England TeamMixed Team EventBadminton
13Luke MccormackMen's 64kgBoxing
14Cheavon ClarkeMen's 91kgBoxing
15Hayley SimmondsWomen's Individual Time TrialCycling Road
16Christopher LathamMen's 15km Scratch RaceCycling Track
17Ethan HayterMen's 40km Points RaceCycling Track
18Emily KayWomen's 10km Scratch RaceCycling Track
19England TeamWomen's Team SprintCycling Track
20Lois ToulsonWomen's 10m PlatformDiving
21England TeamMen' HockeyHockey
22England TeamWomen's HockeyHockey
23England TeamMen's FoursLawn Bowls
24Robert PaxtonMen's SinglesLawn Bowls
25England TeamWomen's TriplesLawn Bowls
26Ali JawadMen's LightweightPara Powerlifting
27Zoe NewsonWomen's LightweightPara Powerlifting
28England TeamMen's Rugby SevensRugby Sevens
29England TeamWomen's Rugby SevensRugby Sevens
30Sam GowinMen's 25m Rapid Fire PistolShooting
31Dean BaleMen's 50m Rifle 3 PositionsShooting
32Kenneth ParrMen's 50m Rifle ProneShooting
33Parag PatelQueen's Prize IndividualShooting
34James Declan/Willstrop JamesMen's DoublesSquash
35James GuyMen's 400m FreestyleSwimming
36James WilbyMen's 50m BreaststrokeSwimming
37England TeamWomen's 4 x 100m Freestyle RelaySwimming
38England TeamWomen's 4 x 200m Freestyle RelaySwimming
39Eleanor FaulknerWomen's 400m FreestyleSwimming
40England TeamMen's TeamTable Tennis
41England TeamWomen's TeamTable Tennis
42Owen BoxallMen's 105kgWeightlifting
43Emily CampbellWomen's +90kgWeightlifting
44Charlie BowlingMen's Freestyle 65 kgWrestling
45Syerus EslamiMen's Freestyle 86 kgWrestling
46Georgina NelthorpeWomen's Freestyle 76 kgWrestling

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