Canada Medal Winners In Commonwealth Games 2018

Total number of Participation: 290
Number of Men’s Participation: 140
Number of Women’s Participation: 150
Number of Events: 21

Canada’s Medal Tally

Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018, Canada was ranked in fourth position on the medal table. Overall Canada has won 82 Medals – 15 gold, 40 silver and 27 bronze.
Artistic Gymnastics35311
Beach Volleyball1102
Rhythmic Gymnastics1102
Lawn Bowls0101
Cycling Track0022
Cycling Mountain Bike0011

Gold Medal Winners By Sport

Number of Men’s Gold Medal: 1
Number of Women’s Gold Medal: 14
1Elsabeth BlackWomen's Individual All-AroundArtistic Gymnastics
2Canada TeamWomen's TeamArtistic Gymnastics
3Shallon OlsenWomen's VaultArtistic Gymnastics
4Alexandre DupontMen's T54 1500mAthletics
5Christabel NetteyWomen's Long JumpAthletics
6Alysha NewmanWomen's Pole VaultAthletics
7Humana-Paredes/PavanWomen's Beach VolleyballBeach Volleyball
8Jennifer AbelWomen's 3m SpringboardDiving
9Sophie CraneGymnastics ClubsRhythmic Gymnastics
10Kylie MasseWomen's 100m BackstrokeSwimming
11Kylie MasseWomen's 200m BackstrokeSwimming
12Taylor RuckWomen's 200m FreestyleSwimming
13Maude CharronWomen's 63kgWeightlifting
14Diana WeickerWomen's Freestyle 53 kgWrestling
15Erica WiebeWomen's Freestyle 76 kgWrestling

Silver Medal Winners By Sport

Number of Men’s Silver Medal: 18
Number of Women’s Silver Medal: 22
1Scott MorganMen's Floor ExerciseArtistic Gymnastics
2Cory PatersonMen's Horizontal BarArtistic Gymnastics
3Canada TeamMen's TeamArtistic Gymnastics
4Brittany RogersWomen's Uneven BarsArtistic Gymnastics
5Elsabeth BlackWomen's VaultArtistic Gymnastics
6Mohammed AhmedMen's 10,000mAthletics
7Aaron BrownMen's 200mAthletics
8Mohammed AhmedMen's 5000mAthletics
9Pierce LepageMen's DecathlonAthletics
10Shawnacy BarberMen's Pole VaultAthletics
11Nina SchultzWomen's HeptathlonAthletics
12Canada TeamMen's BasketballBasketball
13Pedlow/SchachterMen's Beach VolleyballBeach Volleyball
14Thomas BlumenfeldMen's 64kgBoxing
15Philippe GagneMen's 3m SpringboardDiving
16Canada TeamMen's Synchronised 3m SpringboardDiving
17Meaghan BenfeitoWomen's 10m PlatformDiving
18Canada TeamWomen's Synchronised 10m PlatformDiving
19Ryan BesterMen's SinglesLawn Bowls
20Katherine UchidaGymnastics Individual All-AroundRhythmic Gymnastics
21Grzegorz SychMen's 50m Rifle 3 PositionsShooting
22Kierra SmithWomen's 100m BreaststrokeSwimming
23Taylor RuckWomen's 200m BackstrokeSwimming
24Sarah DarcelWomen's 200m Individual MedleySwimming
25Canada TeamWomen's 4 x 100m Freestyle RelaySwimming
26Canada TeamWomen's 4 x 100m Medley RelaySwimming
27Canada TeamWomen's 4 x 200m Freestyle RelaySwimming
28Kylie MasseWomen's 50m BackstrokeSwimming
29Taylor RuckWomen's 50m FreestyleSwimming
30Sarah MehainWomen's S7 50m ButterflySwimming
31Morgan BirdWomen's S8 50m FreestyleSwimming
32Aurelie RivardWomen's SM10 200m Individual MedleySwimming
33Boady SantavyMen's 94kgWeightlifting
34Tali DarsignyWomen's 58kgWeightlifting
35Marie-Eve Beauchemin-NadeauWomen's 75kgWeightlifting
36Korey JarvisMen's Freestyle 125 kgWrestling
37Steven TakahashiMen's Freestyle 57 kgWrestling
38Jessica MacdonaldWomen's Freestyle 50 kgWrestling
39Michelle FazzariWomen's Freestyle 62 kgWrestling
40Danielle LappageWomen's Freestyle 68 kgWrestling

Bronze Medal Winners By Sport

Number of Men’s Bronze Medal: 12
Number of Women’s Bronze Medal: 15
1Zachary ClayMen's Pommel HorseArtistic Gymnastics
2Scott MorganMen's RingsArtistic Gymnastics
3Shallon OlsenWomen's Floor ExerciseArtistic Gymnastics
4Django LovettMen's High JumpAthletics
5Tim NedowMen's Shot PutAthletics
6Brittany CrewWomen's Shot PutAthletics
7Diane RoyWomen's T54 1500mAthletics
8Eric BasranMen's 56kgBoxing
9Harley O'ReillyMen's 81kgBoxing
10Sabrina Aubin-BoucherWomen's 57kgBoxing
11Marie-Jeanne ParentWomen's 69kgBoxing
12Tammara ThibeaultWomen's 75kgBoxing
13Haley SmithWomen's Cross-countryCycling Mountain Bike
14Canada TeamMen's 4000m Team PursuitCycling Track
15Canada TeamWomen's 4000m Team PursuitCycling Track
16Vincent RiendeauMen's 10m PlatformDiving
17Markus ThormeyerMen's 100m BackstrokeSwimming
18Philippe VachonMen's SM8 200m Individual MedleySwimming
19Taylor RuckWomen's 100m BackstrokeSwimming
20Taylor RuckWomen's 100m FreestyleSwimming
21Erika Seltenreich-HodgsonWomen's 200m Individual MedleySwimming
22Abigail TrippWomen's S8 50m FreestyleSwimming
23Joanna BrownWomen' TriathlonTriathlon
24Rachel Leblanc-BazinetWomen's 53kgWeightlifting
25Jevon BalfourMen's Freestyle 74 kgWrestling
26Jordan SteenMen's Freestyle 97 kgWrestling
27Emily SchaeferWomen's Freestyle 57 kgWrestling

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